A bit About us

We have Passion for Caring

Hello Travelers from all around the world!
I’m Maria and i’m a founder of MARELUNA EXPERIENCE (Luxury Apartment collection).
Mareluna Experience is a new way of intending your vacation trough the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Salerno.
The MARELUNA Concept is founded on three core traits:
A strategic position, a comfortable space and living, and last but not least a breathtaking seaview.
All our Apartments and Villas respect these important canons, in order to give the best possible experience to all our guests.
But Our mission is offer more then an overnight service.
Me and my son Angelo will be proud to enrich the host service with many five stars services at very competitive prices,
from the choice of a restaurant for a dinner to any other request.
Because behind every service there is a person!
We wish you a great holiday!

Maria, Founder of Mareluna

Angelo, co-founder and Maria’s son

We invite you to experience the beautiful Amalfi Coast in one of our structures. You will find more than an accommodation, you will find an experience.

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